Tip: Red Eye Reduction

When using an onboard flash to take pictures of people, you've probably come across red eyes a few trines. Red eye is caused by your camera's flash reflecting of the retina of your subject. This occurs when the flash and lens are close together, the flash bounces straight back and the camera is in the path of the reflection. The result is eerie red eyes. To avoid the "red eye" phenomenon, try the following:

  • Instruct your subject no to look directly at camera.
  • Move the flash away from the lens, then if the flash bounces of the subject's eyes, it won't bounce directly back at the camera.
  • Turn on lots of lights to make your subject's retinas smaller, this will allow less light to bounce off them.
  • Use "red eye" reduction mode on your camera, this sends a "pre-flash," or "red eye reduction" flash, which will do the same thing: reduce the size of your subject's retinas.

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