Rule of Thirds

Photo Composition Diagram

The rule of thirds is one of the easiest rules of photographic composition. The rule of thirds addresses the placement of your subject. When composing your image, mentally divide the image into thirds in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This will form an imaginary grid, much like a tic-tac-toe board. You subject should be placed along one of these lines. In fact, where these lines intersect (designated with small circles in the diagram at right), are the four prime location for the center of the subject of your photograph. This area is just an approximation, so tt isn't essential to get the subject exactly at one of these points, just in that general area.

Of course, like all rules of photographic composition, the rules of thirds isn't set in stone. In fact, often times, a picture that will stand out the most amongst the crowd breaks more than a few of the "rules."