Photography Technique - Get Close

When taking pictures, a lot of people make the mistake of putting too much space around the subject of their pictures. Get closer! Show the details that make your subject interesting.

Don't be afraid to get close. Filling the frame makes pictures more compelling. In most cases, you don't want inches of grass on the bottom or inches of sky at the top. When you're taking pictures, take a few steps closer to your subject or use your zoom lens to zoom in. Sometimes it's even ok to crop a little bit of the subject from your images. Don't be afraid to let things flow outside of the frame.

Just remember, don't get so close that you are under your camera's minimum focusing distance. You don't want blurry shots. And don't stand so close that your flash overexposes the picture. In fact, when using a flash, it is probably best to stand around 10 feet away and use your zoom lens to get "closer" to your subject.