Tip - Be Prepared

Always, I repeat always, be prepared. When you are out shooting, something almost always will go wrong. Here a are a couple common areas to keep in mind:

Always have a brand new spare battery. If your battery goes dead, most cameras are no longer functional (with the exception of purely mechanical cameras, a rare breed these days).

Always have more film than you think you'll need. And always bring a few different film types. Perhaps even worse than having a dead battery, is having a wonderful photographic opportunity pass you by because you didn't have enough film or the right film for the situation.

Always bring along something to steady your shots. If carrying a tripod isn't practical, and often times it won't be, bring along a tripod alternative.

Always have something to write down notes. I am good at remembering details, but when you're shooting a couple of rolls of film, it is just too hard to remember every detail. Take notes when you come across something you want to remember. These will prove to be even more valuable when you create a wonderful shot and you can't remember the situation.

You can certainly overdo the notion of being prepared. But, always expect the unexpected when taking photographs.

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