About Us

Silver Gelatin is a project I decided to take on to hone my programming skills, and at the same time, share my love of photography with others. It has simply begun as a small side project, but I hope it can grow to be a reputable presence on the web.

This site is a collection of all the "best practices" and photography knowledge and tidbits I've picked up along the way as an amateur photographer and camera enthusiast. I'm not a "professional" photographer, in other words: I don't make my living as a photographer, but I have been paid to take photos. I do have some formal training in photography and I am proud to say I know my way around a darkroom.

I chose the name Silver Gelatin because that is the medium for traditional black and white photos. Black and white prints (whether they be fiber based paper or RC paper) are recorded in silver. It is the silver that gives black and white prints their beautiful tone and rich values. As a fan of black and white photography, I felt this was the perfect name for a site about photography.

I hope you enjoy the site, and come back often. It's growing, and I've been making lots of improvements.

Thanks for visiting.